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Bird Removal & Trapping in MD, DC & Northern VA

Federal Migratory Bird Depredation Permit CLICK HERE

Does your house have birds in the attic or nesting in the vents?

bird removal trapping md dc va
Bird Roosting in House Vent

Trappro bird trappers are experts in trapping birds that have gained access to your attic, walls, shed or other areas of your home. Birds including pigeons, starlings, sparrows and woodpeckerswill be trapped and removed. Bird nests, droppings and other messes made by birds will be safely removed from walls of your house, attics, sheds etc. Dead birds or baby birds will also be carefully removed if found in your home in Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia.

During Bird Season!
*Birds love to nest in bathroom and dryer vents of your house
*We safely remove birds and nesting materials and clean up the mess
*We can provide screens and caps to prevent birds from reentering your home through vents
* If you hear noises in the attic or in your vents make sure to call us today!
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Our professional trappers will also be able to seal up holes in attic or walls including fireplaces and vents where birds have entered the home. Trapping and exclusion of birds is available for homeowners and business owners throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

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