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Mice Removal & Trapping in MD, DC & Northern VA

Does your house in MD, DC or VA have mice problems?
Our professional pest trapping is the solution!

Trappro mouse trappers are experts in trapping mice that have invaded your basement, yard, shed, under porch or house or other areas of your home. If you hear noises in the walls or under the floors of your house make sure to call us today. Mice will be trapped and removed. Trappro will trap mice throughout Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia.

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Mice Trapping Specialists serving Maryland, Washington DC & Northern Virginia


Description: Statistically, mice are the most invasive form of wildlife. They infest more homes and structures more typically and frequently than any other type of wildlife. This is because mice are nocturnal, and can typically go undetected. Their bodies are compiled of mostly cartilage bone, allowing them to squeeze through openings ¼" or larger. Although their sight is somewhat compromised, their excellent sound & smell abilities more than compensate.

Food Sources: Mice will live off of a wide range of nutrients. Similar to rats, any type of food source available, they can probably make use of. Mice obtain much of their water source by most of the foods they eat. Due to their small size, a very small food source (such as a cookie) can feed a family of mice for weeks.

Lifespan & Reproduction: Within a few months of birth, around 60 days or so, newly born mice can begin reproducing. Several mice litters can be produced within a matter of months, which defines why mice infestations can get so out of control so quickly. Female mice go in to the heat cycle every 4- 5 days. Ovulation & reproduction is almost constant for these creatures; they can produce a litter of approx. 10-12 pups within approx. 20 days. In the wild, mice can typically survive a matter of months depending on a number of variables (size, climate, and food & water source availability) while mice that have been kept in captivity can live for years at a time.

Typical areas of entry: Open or Damaged sewer systems, small or large open holes within the foundation or roofline, door & window thresholds, open utility lines, unscreened crawlspace & roof vents, and countless other probable areas. Once they have claimed territory indoors, mice will travel through insulation in walls & ceilings, inside and behind cupboards, appliances, bath tubs & shower stalls, and also near sources of heat such as basements, attics, furnaces & heating systems, especially where things are stored.

Typical Removal/Treatment: Mice infestations are very different from your typical wildlife intrusion. Because of their small size and reproductive abilities, there are usually many present at one time. Mouse Trap placement will begin to take care of some of the issue. Placing and monitoring traps for mice is a very important part of exclusion. But monitoring & maintaining traps to remove intruding mice from the structure goes hand in hand with the importance of sealing up exposed or open areas. Closing off entry and exit points will keep from further infestation, but once those open points have been sealed, some mice will be trapped inside - monitoring the traps and re-setting them once intruders are caught & removed is imperative to a successful exclusion.

Dangers: Mice, as well as rats, carry ectoparasites (insects such as fleas, lice and bed bugs) that are easily transmitted to pets & humans. Rodent droppings, saliva & fur can also carry the Hantavirus; although a rare disease, it is typically fatal. Mice that have not been domesticated are even inclined to bight & scratch; especially when they feel their lives are being threatened. The damage of a mice infestation can be devastating.

Our professional trappers will also be able to seal up areas in shed or under porch and home where mice have entered the home. Trapping and exclusion of mice is available for homeowners and business owners throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

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