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wildife damage to homeOur extensive experience in the field allows our team to expertly respond to any nuisance animal emergency in the Washington DC, Maryland or Nothern Virginia area and provide home owners or business owners with fast, convenient and efficient animal removal services which include **But are not limited to**:

Humane Trapping / Removal and Exclusion Of:

Squirrels and Flying Squirrels, Opossums, Raccoons, Birds & Pigeons, Bats, Groundhogs, Skunks, Snakes, Mice and Rats from the interior of structures such as attics and roofs, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, trapped in chimneys, sheds, barns, outdoor structures, large office buildings or anywhere
they are trapped.

In addition to humane trapping / removal and exclusion, TRAPPRO also provides:

  • Dripedge installation - see examples in photo gallerywildlife damage to roof
  • Vent replacement and / or screening to prevent reentry by animals
  • Chimney Cap installation and inspection
  • Dryer exhaust vent cleaning and installation of screening or diverters
  • Bathroom exhaust vent cleaning and screening
  • Stove exhaust vent cleaning and screening
  • Installation of bird spikes including stealth netting
  • Installation and monitoring of "Mist Netting" (Bird Removal)
  • Concrete footer installation to discourage and prevent access by burrowing animals
  • Animal Odor & Feces locating and removal
  • Insulation Service: Blown in Insulation for Attics to increase energy savings now available CLICK HERE for Details

Photos on this page show some of the damage done by nuisance animals as they enter your home. For more photos please visit our photo gallery.

damage by wildlife maryland
damage by wildlife in washington dc
damage by wildlife in northern va

Licensed by Dept. of Natural Resources

Specializing In The Humane Removal Of All Nuisance Urban Wildlife in Maryland, District of Columbia, Washington DC & Northern Virginia from your garage, attic, basement, dryer vent, kitchen, bathroom, chimney, barn, shed or office building

MHIC #107376 and EPA LED certified # RI878161300484