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Bat Removal from House in Rockville Maryland
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New Attic Insulation After Bat Exclusion in Rockville MD

Trappro wildlife service technicians are experts in trapping and removing bats from sheds, barns, churches, apartments, condominiums and attics in residential homes and commercial businesses in Rockville Maryland. Bats can enter homes and buildings through gaps that are 1/4" - 1/2" or larger through many areas of house including chimney, loose siding, openings around pipe or wiring that enters the home, window sills or doorframes that have rotted out, cracks or holes under eaves on roof, cellar hatches that have been left open, unscreened attic vents, and more.

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Hole in Roof Caused by Animals
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Homeowners in Rockville Maryland will hear weird sounds in the house at night and noises in the attic or shed when bats are active. We professionally trap and remove bats from attics or whereever they have invaded. Expert cleanup of damage done to attic from colonies of bats roosting and cleanup of bat droppings is also taken care of including new insulation if needed. Additionally home repairs are also available to keep bats from returning once they have been trapped and removed. Female bats can return and reuse the same roost year after year so it is very important to properly seal all entry points in house that bats could be using to enter attic of home. If you need professional solutions to your wildlife problems call or email Trappro today.

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Professional bat trapping, exclusion and removal in Rockville MD by
expert trappers at Trappro. Exclusion repairs prevent bat reentry.


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