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Does your house in Alexandria VA have wildlife invasion problems?
Squirrels? Raccoons? Bats? Birds?
Our humane professional trapping is the solution!
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trappro wildlife removal
Trappro is ready to assist with trapping and
removal of wild animals from your home
alexandria va wildlife trapping removal
Wild Animal Trapping and Repairs Throughout
Alexandria Virginia including Raccoon Removal

Trappro wildlife service technicians are experts in humanely removing all types of wild animals from houses, residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Alexandria in Northern Virginia including squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, pigeons, woodpeckers, beavers, fox, flying squirrels, groundhogs, oppossums, snakes, skunks, mice, rats and other animals from attics, basements, sheds, underneath porches or whereever they have invaded. Expert cleanup for your house, attic, or shed and home repairs also available to keep these animals from returning once they have been trapped and removed.

So if you hear noises in the attic, weird sounds in your house, think an animal is stuck in your walls, scratching in the walls, banging sounds from vents and fireplaces, hear weird scurrying noises on the roof or notice holes near your gutters and along your roofline or bat droppings, bird droppings or other odd animal messes call us right away.

alexandria va wildlife trapping removal
Humane Wildlife Removal Throughout
Alexandria Virginia including Squirrel Trapping
roof damage by animals
Hole in Roof Caused by Animals
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We service residential homes and commercial businesses in all parts of Alexandria Virginia so if you hear noises in the attic, sounds in your house, scurrying sounds on the roof or scratching in the walls day or night make sure to call or email us today.

We are able to pinpoint the exact points of entry as well as making you aware of future roofline vulnerability. We will provide you a complete and thorough roofline inspection. We specialize in the removal of Flying Squirrels, Squirrels, Rats, Bats, Birds, Skunks, Snakes, Opossums, Mice, Beavers, Raccoons, Groundhogs and all other wildlife, plus rodent control in Alexandria Virginia and exclusion which means repairs done to keep rodents out of your house.. In addition, we specialize in the appropriate and necessary repair work to your house to prevent future occurrences.

Alexandria Virginia Wild Animal Trapping

Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of fast, convenient and efficient services which include trapping and removal of the following: Squirrels, Bats, Birds, Flying Squirrels, Raccoons, Pigeons, Groundhogs, Skunks, Snakes, Opossums, Mice and Rats.

  • Odor locating and removal
  • Installation of bird spikes and stealth netting
  • Dripedge installation
  • Chimney Cap installation
  • Vent replacement and/or screening
  • Dryer exhaust vent cleaning and installation of screening or diverters
  • Bathroom and Stove exhaust vent cleaning and screening
  • Preventative roofline maintenance
  • Concrete footer installation to discourage and prevent burrowing animals access

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Our professional trappers have solutions for all wildlife problems for residential homes and commercial businesses in Alexandria VA.

Trappro is not the local government animal control service in Alexandria Virginia but can assist with all nuisance wildlife control, removal and repairs to keep them out.

Specializing in the Humane Removal of All Nuisance Urban Wildlife in Maryland, DC, & Northern Virginia