Trappro Wildlife Removal MD DC VA

Trappro provides humane wildlife trapping, removal, and exclusion of squirrels, flying squirrels, opossums, raccoons, beavers, birds (including pigeons), bats, groundhogs, skunks, foxes, mice, rats, snakes, and feral cats. Our technicians are trained in odor removal, which includes location and extraction of the odor source. They are also trained in the removal of hazardous material, including animal carcasses, all types of debris, animal excretions, bird nesting material, and much more.

One of our qualified wildlife service technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection of the premises to reveal the exact nature of your wildlife intrusion. They will determine the species present, the entry point(s) from which the wildlife has gained access, the best removal method, and then the most effective course of action to rid you of your problem permanently.

Our extensive experience in the field allows our team to expertly respond to any nuisance or animal emergency in the Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia Area to provide customers with fast, convenient, and effective animal removal services.

Specializing in the Humane Removal of All Nuisance Urban Wildlife in Maryland, DC, & Northern Virginia