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Squirrel Removal from Attic in Crofton Maryland
squirrels in attic crofton maryland
Squirrel Trapping on roof in Crofton Maryland

Trappro wildlife service technicians are experts in trapping and removing squirrels from residential homes and commercial businesses in Crofton Maryland. Squirrels can damage outside of houses as they chew their way in. Homeowners will hear scratching noises in the attic, scurrying sounds in the attic or noises in the shed when squirrels are moving around.

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Hole in Roof Caused by Animals
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We professionally trap and remove squirrels in Crofton MD from roofs, chimneys, attics, basements, sheds, underneath porches or wherever squirrels or other critters have invaded. If you hear scratching in the walls, think an animal is stuck in your wall, hear banging sounds from vents and fireplaces, hear strange sounds in the house or notice holes near your gutters and along your roofline call us right away. Expert cleanup of damage done to attic from squirrel nesting and droppings is also taken care of. Additionally home repairs are also available to keep squirrels from returning once squirrels have been trapped and removed. If you need professional solutions to your wildlife problems call or email Trappro today.

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Professional squirrel trapping and removal in Crofton MD by
expert trappers at Trappro. Exclusion repairs prevent squirrel reentry.


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